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The mission of the #NoMoreShame campaign is to break the stigma attached to addiction and recovery by spreading awareness and a message of hope.

Our global initiative has spread across the United States as well as into the UK, Canada, South Africa, and many more countries! With countless participants sharing their stance and stories on social media, we are helping to reshape the conversation surrounding addiction and motivate people on their recovery journey. Now it’s your turn! Get your own wristband and share your story with the world. Together, we can end the stigma associated with addiction and the recovery process.

What is #NoMoreShame?

is the bridge between who you were, and who you can be.

Many who are battling to overcome addiction are plagued by feelings of shame and failure because of the judgment of others and society in general. By wearing your “NoMoreShame wristband, you are taking a stand against that stigma and showing your support for those who are working to conquer addiction.

Whether you are somewhere along the path to recovery or you know someone who is, you can join the movement and make your voice heard. Join the movement today by getting your wristband. Better yet, share your story with us here and on social media to spread the word that overcoming addiction is nothing to be ashamed of!

Letʼs start the conversation!

  • Thank you so much! I have been looking for something exactly like this to express my feelings about my addicted brother. I am NOT ashamed of his disease. I will tell anyone who asks me about this bracelet and our truth!

    — Chandra
  • Hi! Thank you for the amazing work you are doing!

    We run a small community group called Valley ADE (Addiction & Drug Education) in Waverly, NY. A while ago you had sent me some bracelets that I handed out to addicts, recovering addicts and families. In addition to handing out the bracelets - I included your website on a note with them as well as our group info. We received such positive feedback! I wear my bracelet daily and get questioned about it all the time. It\'s a wonderful conversation starter. Again, thank you for what you are doing.

    — Lisa
  • I’ve been 8 months sober and every day is a struggle. This will be a reminder to me that I can make this rough journey called life!

    — Caitlyn
  • My son is an addict he is currently serving time in prison for things he did while in active addiction. I am raising his 2 young sons. I am also in the process of helping get something started so we can go into the schools and talk with students and parents. We have to save our children. There needs to be more awareness. NO MORE SHAME!!! God bless you for what you are doing.

    — Laura
  • I really really love what you guys are trying to do here and spread the word. We as a reviving community need to end the stigma, which is such a huge barrier to treatment and recovery for so many people. I really want to get involved and will wear my bracelet with pride!! Please let me know how I can help or spread the word in my community!! Thank you so much!! Grateful recovering addict,

    — Chris
  • Thank you so much for offering the free wristbands to help break the stigma of addiction! My husband and I are both, with God's help and a 12-step program, gratefully recovering from many years of IV drug addiction. We have watched friends and family die from this cunning and INSIDIOUS enemy of life either because they were too afraid to ask for help or because they didn't know help was available. Today my husband and I look back and realize we were some of the lucky ones to survive our disease, find help and recover. We believe that through your #NOMORESHAME there will be many more of us 'Lucky Ones' that will be able to hear the message of recovery and have the courage and support to step out and grasp it! Thank you!

    — Nancy
  • Three years into my addiction I finally woke up one day to realize what my life had turned into. Three years of my life I feel I completely missed out on. I lost who I was, I became the drug. I Spent two months in a locked down rehab facility, and even today I continue to struggle with my ghost. I have days where I am ashamed, and days where I feel I've overcome something bigger. Coming across this site from Pinterest, I found it very inspiring and intriguing and I would love to be a part of it and help spread the word. My mother is also in recovery and battles it every day. She continues to be my hero although she will never see it in the light that I do. Please allow us to be a part of this special tribute, and God bless.

    — Debra

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