Travel For Treatment:?The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

At The Treatment Center, we understand that coordinating travel to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center can be difficult. You have enough to worry about already. That?s why it is our goal to make traveling for treatment as easy and stress-free as possible. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining a peaceful, comfortable environment for recovery? and this dedication extends to our clients? travel arraignments. Learn more about what we can do to assist clients at the beginning of their recovery journeys.

Fly in for addiction treatment

Travel for Treatment in Peace

When clients reach out to The Treatment Center, it?s common for them to have a lot of questions. Our admissions counselors can help ease their worries, provide them with pertinent information and make suggestions for how the individual can move forward in their treatment.

Addiction Treatment - AirplaneDuring this conversation, our admissions counselors will also evaluate if the client will require assistance in coordinating or booking travel arraignments. Many of our clients, close to 80%, come from other states.?The Treatment Center is happy to ease the burden of logistics and schedule travel plans on behalf of our clients.

Traveling to a drug rehab center in an unfamiliar location can be a trying experience all on its own. We can minimize travel anxiety for our clients flying in by arraigning a ride to meet them at the airport. When clients step off their plane, a professional driver will be waiting for them at pick-up. Clients will have the opportunity to sit back and relax while the driver collects their things and promptly delivers them to The Treatment Center.

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At The Treatment Center, our entire staff is passionate about recovery and helping our clients to restore their lives. Our admission counselors are available to answer questions about recovery treatment and schedule travel arraignments for our new clients.

We can be reached 24/7 at (866) 295-6003