The Treatment Center Program Schedule

A safe and structured environment is an essential part of the recovery process. Freedom from the anxiety and emotional triggers of the outside world allows our clients to focus solely on their recovery. At The Treatment Center, we provide our clients with a predictable daily schedule. By building a routine with us,?patients can expect personal growth, consistency and the development of new lifestyle habits. We hope that clients will apply the scheduling and time management strategies that they learn during treatment to their daily routines outside of treatment.

A?Typical Day In Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Residential addiction treatment - making bedClients at our residential inpatient and intensive outpatient recovery programs enjoy a varied mix of addiction education, life skills training, personal counseling, group therapy and recreational activities. In fact, we’ve designed our daily program schedules to guarantee each client the highest standard of care. As such, our commitment to providing personalized recovery plans ensures that clients get quite a bit of flexibility. These program schedule overviews offer an example of what clients can expect from their time at The Treatment Center.

Residential Inpatient Schedule

Clients in recovery at our residential inpatient treatment facility spend their days and nights at The Treatment Center, allowing them to concentrate on addressing their substance abuse problems and stay sober in the meantime.

In the morning, patients enjoy breakfast and have opportunities to participate in medication or prayer. After breakfast, announcements and group time will take place in the community room. Afterward, clients attend their first educational session of the day. Lunch follows this class time, as does relaxing afternoon activities like music therapy or a film discussion. Clients then attend additional therapies and addiction classes until dinner. Finally, the day concludes with an in-house meeting and more time for clients to study or work on recovery projects. A mediation and tea ceremony are held in the evening to prepare clients for a good night?s rest.

Intensive Outpatient?Schedule

Outpatient treatment - Opening doorClients attending our intensive outpatient treatment facility spend most of their day in treatment before heading home each night. This approach is especially helpful for those who have completed treatment at our inpatient facility and wish to transition back into their normal lives as smoothly as possible.

When clients arrive, they begin their days with guided seminars on topics like coping in sobriety and lessening stress relief. After lunch, clients return to class where they receive training on topics like nutrition, relapse prevention, and new life skills. In the evening, clients head home to relax, enjoy time with their families and rest up for another day of outpatient treatment. Additional courses are hosted on Saturday morning and clients a free to spend the rest of the weekends how they like.

Learn About Life at The Treatment Center

Our admissions counselors are available 24/7 to take your call. Our staff of recovery specialists can answer all of your questions about recovery options, program schedules, travel arraignments and more. Reach out to us at (561) 582-2030 if you have more questions, or if you suspect a loved one may be struggling with alcohol or substance abuse.
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