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Drug trafficking is not a crisis in Wyoming. Most of the drugs come into the state from Colorado, California and Chicago, but not in large amounts. Methamphetamine is the number one abused drug in Wyoming. Cocaine use, including crack cocaine, is limited to the cities and heroin use has declined over the past ten years. Most of the methamphetamine in Wyoming is locally produced, though the number of clandestine laboratories throughout the state has declined, mainly because of the ban on ephedrine products. The sharp increase in methamphetamine addiction has led to a spike in violent crime, domestic violence and child abuse cases. 

Club drugs like MDMA (ecstasy) and GHB come into the state from Colorado. LSD is popular on college campuses. Marijuana use is up in Wyoming, with much of the supply cultivated on private land and in homes. Abuse of prescription medications has grown over the past ten years.

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