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The state of Utah has a smaller population than many other states. That, combined with its mountainous landscape, makes the state hospitable for drug traffickers. The wholesale distribution of cocaine in Utah is controlled by the Mexicans. The cocaine street trade is controlled by the migrants. Large quantities of cocaine has been confiscated along Utah’s highways. Crack cocaine is sold for a low price on the streets, especially in the cities.

Black tar and brown heroin are in ample supply in Utah. Heroin abuse in Utah has been rising in the past twenty years. The majority of the heroin enters the state from the southern states, California and Illinois. Hospital admissions due to heroin abuse have increased in Utah, despite the fact that the price has remained stable over the past ten years.

Methamphetamine is the most commonly abused drug in Utah. The ban on ephedrine has not stemmed the tide of methamphetamine and its abuse in Utah. Club drug use has been steady in Utah. MDMA (ecstasy) is the most popular club drug, especially at rave parties and nightclubs. Counterfeit pills have tainted the supply.

Most of the marijuana supply in Utah comes from Utah, but home grown marijuana has increased throughout the state over the past twenty years. As in other states, prescription drug abuse has rapidly increased in Utah. OxyContin and Xanax are two of the prescription pain pills abused in Utah.

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For more information on state-funded treatment programs in Utah contact,

The Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Utah Department of Human Services

120 North, 200 West #209,
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84103
(801) 538-3939

Alcoholics Anonymous

Logan 435-755-7772
Ogdon 801-393-4728
Price 435-637-7629
Provo 801-375-8620
Salt Lake City 801-484-7871

Narcotics Anonymous

Provo 801-687-6292
Ogden 801-479-0067
Salt Lake City 801-296-4044

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