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Tennessee is surrounded by eight other states and has a large amount of rural land. Those facts, combined with a scarce population and heavy commercial traffic has resulted in an increase in drug trafficking. Drugs enter the state and then travel to other parts of the country. Tennessee is known as a “user and mover” state for drugs.

Marijuana is grown in large amounts on private land. It is a commonly abused drug in Tennessee. Cocaine abuse is widespread in the state. Once the powder cocaine is converted to crack cocaine, the demand for the drug appears to increase. This has resulted in an increase of violent crime, prostitution and social problems for the state. Heroin use has stabilized over the past twenty years. Most users are long term addicts. The drug has a cheaper market price and increased purity.

Methamphetamine abuse is on the rise in Tennessee. Large quantities have been seized along the highways. Despite the ban on ephedrine, demand has increased, but the number of laboratories throughout the state has decreased.

Club drugs like MDMA (ecstasy), PCP, LSD, GHB and ketamine are becoming more popular, especially with college students who can get the drugs easily at rave parties and nightclubs. Prescription drug abuse is also increasing throughout the state. Prescription forgeries, pharmacy burglaries, doctor shopping, and Internet purchases have all contributed to the growth in popularity of drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin.

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