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South Dakota

South Dakota has experienced an increase of drugs coming into the state over the past twenty years. Methamphetamine use has increased rapidly in South Dakota, especially among college students and young women. The large rural composition of the state has resulted in an increase of privately grown marijuana. Cocaine is available throughout South Dakota. Most of it comes into the state from Chicago, Georgia, Florida and Texas. Cocaine abuse has stayed steady over the past ten years. Heroin use has been dropping in South Dakota over the past twenty years.

As in other states across the country, the use of club drugs has increased. College students have easy access to the drugs, like MDMA (ecstasy), PCP, GHB, LSD and ketamine, at nightclubs and rave parties. There has been a definite spike in prescription drug abuse. Oxycontin, hydrocodone, valium, lortab and methadone are among the prescription pain medications commonly abused in South Dakota.

For Immediate Help Call
(605) 252-3000
24 hours a day

For more information on drug and alcohol rehab programs in South Dakota contact,

The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Department of Human Services

East Highway 34, Hillsview Plaza, c/o 500 East Capitol,
Pierre, South Dakota, 57501-5070,
(605) 773-3123

Alcoholics Anonymous

Aberdeen 605-225-1292
Pierre 605-224-4570
Rapid City 605-342-9808
Sioux Falls 605-339-4357
Sturgis 605-584-2350
Watertown 605-886-9070

Narcotics Anonymous

Statewide 888-334-7567
United Sioux Empire 605-334-5419

Call (605) 252-3000


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