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South Carolina

Recent data from law enforcement indicates that the drug cartels have become very organized in South Carolina. Due to the state’s long coastline and sizeable tourist injury, among other factors, drug traffickers have brought more drugs into the state.

Cocaine is abundant in South Carolina. Most of the supply is converted to crack cocaine. The coastal communities have the highest levels of cocaine abuse. The state has experienced a surge in violent crimes and poverty.

Over the past twenty years, heroin use has remained static. This is despite the purity, availability and low price of the drug. Small amounts of heroin are available in the inner cities of South Carolina. Methamphetamine use and trafficking has declined over the past ten years. Most of the supply comes from Chicago, Florida, New York, Texas, California and Georgia. Methamphetamine laboratories exist throughout the state, however, despite the ban on ephedrine.

Club drug use is on the rise in South Carolina. MDMA (ecstasy), GHB, PCP, LSD and ketamine are available at college parties. Atlanta has become a hub for MDMA distribution in South Carolina. Law enforcement is trying to control the supply of this drug, but the low cost is making that task difficult.

The abuse of prescription drugs continues to grow at a rapid rate in South Carolina. Oxycontin is the number one prescription pain medication abused in South Carolina. Methadone, diazepam, lortab and xanax are also abused in South Carolina.

Marijuana is available throughout the state and most of the supply comes from the southern states.

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For more information on drug and alcohol rehab programs in South Carolina contact,

The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services

101 Executive Center Drive Suite 215
Columbia, South Carolina, 29210-9498
(803) 896-5555 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Aiken 803-648-1509
Bluffton 888-534-0192
Charleston 843-554-2998
Columbia 803-254-5301
Greenville 864-233-6454
Hilton Head 888-534-0192
Spartanburg 864-585-1930
Sumter 803-775-1852

Narcotics Anonymous

Regional 888-370-6262
Columbia 800-922-6587
Florence 843-449-6262
Greenville 864-282-0109
Lancaster 704-379-0440
Myrtle Beach 843-449-6262
Spartanburg 800-828-5689

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