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Rhode Island

The drug problem in Rhode Island is significant, but is mainly concentrated in the cities. The majority of drugs come into the state from Boston, New York, the South, and Canada. Cocaine, marijuana and heroin are the drugs commonly abused in Rhode Island. Many people often purchase drugs from Massachusetts and New York. Rhode Island also serves as a “thruway” for drugs into Maine and Vermont.

Cocaine is widely available in the state. Crack cocaine is a problem, particularly in urban areas. In Rhode Island, many cocaine users are wealthy and female. Cocaine often comes into the state from Boston, New York, Georgia and Chicago. Methamphetamine is not yet widely abused in Rhode Island.

There has been a major increase in the use of club drugs in Rhode Island. Communities with colleges and universities have experienced a surge in the use of these drugs – MDMA (ecstasy), GHB, PCP, LSD and ketamine (special K) are all available at rave parties and nightclubs. Many of these drugs come from New York, California, Texas and Canada.

The abuse of prescription pain medications is on the rise in Rhode Island. Oxycontin is the prescription drug abused the most in the state. Doctor shopping, prescription forgeries, pharmacy robberies and purchasing the drugs from the Internet have all contributed to the spike in prescription drug abuse in Rhode Island.

Marijuana is available in plentiful supply throughout the state. The most potent form of the drug, BC Bud, comes into Rhode Island from Canada.

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For more information on state-funded treatment programs in Rhode Island contact,

Behavioral Health Care, Division of Behavioral Health, Department of Mental Health and Retardation

14 Harrington Rd.,
Cranston, Rhode Island, 02920
(800) 622-7422

Alcoholics Anonymous

East Providence 401-438-8860
Newport 401-846-2622
Warwick 401-739-8777

Narcotics Anonymous

Regional 866-624-3578
Narragansett 900-659-7000
Providence 401-461-1110

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