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Oregon’s geographic location means that it’s a shipment point of many drugs to Washington and Canada. Cocaine is not a huge problem in Oregon. The most commonly abused drugs in Oregon are heroin and methamphetamine. Methamphetamine laboratories exist throughout the state and the drug is available in large amounts.

Ecstasy is the club drug of choice in Oregon, especially on college campuses where rave parties are popular. It is often seized in multi-kilogram amounts. GHB and Ketamine (Special K) are also popular club drugs in the state.

Marijuana is widely available in Oregon. Portland is where most of the marijuana supply is cultivated. In 1999, the legislature approved the use of marijuana for medical use.

For Immediate Help Call
(503) 419-0412
24 hours a day

For more information on drug rehab centers in Oregon contact,
www.oregon.gov/DHS/addiction or [email protected]

The Department of Human Services, Addictions and Mental Health Services

500 Summer Street NE, E86,
Salem, Oregon 97301-1098
(503) 945-5763

Alcoholics Anonymous

Albany 541-967-6243
Astoria 503-861-5526
Coos Bay 541-269-9331
Eugene 541-342-4113
Klamath Falls 541-883-4970
Medford 541-732-1850
Portland 503-223-8569
Salem 503-399-0599

Narcotics Anonymous

Bend 541-416-2146
Coos Bay 541-267-0273
Newport 877-233-4287
Pendleton 800-766-3724
Portland 503-727-3733
Salem 503-990-0861

Call  (503) 419-0412


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