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North Dakota

The biggest problem for law enforcement and public health officials in North Dakota is the trafficking and use of methamphetamine. Methamphetamine, often called the poor man’s cocaine, is on the rise in North Dakota. Cocaine is available in North Dakota, but is not as popular as methamphetamine. Cocaine prices in the state range from $100 to $120 a gram.

Heroin use and abuse is not a significant problem in North Dakota. The majority of the supply is black tar heroin from Mexico. The production of methamphetamine in secret labs is on the rise. Club drugs are not yet a problem in North Dakota, but Fargo, the capital, has seen an increase in club drug usage. Most of the drugs that enter the state come from California or Canada.


For Immediate Help Call
(701) 765-3027
24 hours a day


For more information on drug rehab treatment programs in North Dakota contact,
The Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Department of Human Services,
Prairie Hills Plaza, 1237 W. Divide Avenue, Suite 1-C,
Bismarck, North Dakota, 59501,
(701) 328-8920

Alcoholics Anonymous

Fargo 701-235-7335
Langdon 701-256-2256
Minot 701-857-0529
Williston 701-572-9882

Narcotics Anonymous

Eastern North Dakota 701-234-9330


Call (701) 765-3027


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