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New York

New York has an unfortunate reputation with drug trafficking. The state has many ethnic groups, an accessible coastline, highways and airports. This makes New York a haven for drug traffickers.

Large quantities of cocaine enter New York. It is then transported across the state and to other parts of the country. The powder cocaine is changed to crack cocaine. Addiction to crack cocaine is a problem, especially in New York City, where poverty and crime have increased significantly due to the use and abuse of crack cocaine.

Heroin is widely available in the state. The trade is controlled by Colombian and Dominican organizations in the metropolitan area. Most of the heroin supply is smuggled in from South America. A large amount of heroin comes into New York City through its two airports, Kennedy and LaGuardia. Modes of smuggling heroin into the state have become more creative over the years. Heroin has been found in furniture, clothes, microscopes, shoes, animals and even toupees. Trafficking and abuse has increased throughout the state.

Methamphetamine abuse is, surprisingly, not a huge problem in the state, though the number of methamphetamine laboratories have risen in the state. Ecstasy (MDMA) is a drug that is imported, trafficked and abused at a high level, especially at colleges and universities throughout the state. Almost every ecstasy pills are stamped with a logo. Most of the club drugs enter the state from Europe, Israel and now Canada. Other club drugs, like GHB, ketamine, PCP and steroids are less of a problem in New York.

Most of the marijuana comes from Mexico. New York City has had an increase of immigrants from Somalia. As a result, abuse of Khat – a plant leaf which is chewed and produces mild euphoria – is on the rise.  Prescription drug abuse is widespread throughout the state. Many fake pills enter the state from Mexico, creating a health risk for its users.

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For more information on state-funded treatment programs in New York contact,
The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
1450 Western Avenue,
Albany, New York 12203-3526
1-877-8-HOPENY  (1-877-846-7369).                        

Alcoholics Anonymous

Albany 518-463-0906
Binghamton 607-722-5983
Buffalo 716-853-0388
Ithaca 607-273-1541
New York 212-647-1680
Poughkeepsie 845-452-1111
Rochester 585-232-6720
Syracuse  315-463-5011
Woodstock  845-331-6360

Narcotics Anonymous

Albany 518-448-6350
Buffalo 716-878-2316
Long Island 718-962-6244
Rochester  585-234-7889
New York City 212-929-6262

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