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New Mexico

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New Mexico

The border between New Mexico and Mexico is sparsely populated and has restricted natural or artificial barriers to illegal crossing. This combined with a large road system that crisscrosses the state, makes New Mexico a hotspot for the influx of drugs across the border. The proximity of the state to Mexico only adds to the amount of drugs entering the country. New Mexico is also a center for drug money laundering through small businesses. Most of the border between New Mexico and Mexico is open desert and desolate land that is hospitable to drug smugglers.

A large amount of cocaine comes into New Mexico from Mexico. The majority of powder cocaine is converted to crack cocaine. Heroin is widely available and abused in New Mexico. Methamphetamine is the drug most abused in the state. Secret methamphetamine laboratories exist all over the state.

Club drugs – MDMA (ecstasy), LSD, GHB and Ketamine come into the state from Mexico where it is often purchased in pharmacies. The use of club drugs, however, has not risen in New Mexico in recent drugs. The prescription drug abuse is a problem, mainly due to the severe shortage of physicians in New Mexico and the state granting permission to out-of-state physicians to write prescriptions.

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