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The culture of Nevada has made drug and alcohol abuse a big problem in the state. Methamphetamine is the drug most commonly abused in Nevada. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana and club drugs are also widely abused in Nevada. The geographic location of Nevada and its proximity to California and its permeable borders has made Nevada hospitable for drug traffickers.

Cocaine is in large supply in Nevada. Once cocaine comes into Las Vegas, it is converted into crack and sold on the streets. The abundance of crack cocaine has led to a jump in violent crimes, especially in Las Vegas.

Mexican black tar heroin is the type most available in Nevada. With the growth in the Hispanic population, it is thought that the drug cartels recruit the migrant workers to move the drug throughout the state.

Methamphetamine is easily accessible in Nevada. Locally produced methamphetamine is made in laboratories and large “super labs” have been discovered in areas of Nevada. Laboratories recently seized were making large amounts of methamphetamine using pseudoephedrine, red phosphorus and iodine. The majority of methamphetamine enters Nevada from California. Organized Mexican drug trafficking groups dominate the large methamphetamine business in the state. Mexican produced crystal methamphetamine is the most readily available and has a purity level ranging from 50 to 90 percent.

The nightlife climate has meant a sharp increase in the use and abuse of club drugs. MDMA (ecstasy), GHB and LSD are trafficked into Nevada, especially in Las Vegas. The drugs are plentiful in nightclubs, rave parties and casinos. The trafficking of these drugs ranges from small scale local sales to larger sales between locals and the drug cartels. Las Vegas is a point of importation and transshipment for MDMA. Most MDMA that enters or is destined for Las Vegas comes into the state from southern California or New York.
Locally grown marijuana is widely available in Nevada. Due to the large area of forest land, marijuana is grown and hidden from the authorities.

Oxycontin, valium, xanax, methadone, codeine, Fentanyl and Lortab continue to be the prescription pain medications abused in Nevada. Pseudoephedrine sales are down in Nevada since the ban of the cough medicine ingredient.

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