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Mississippi is a major entry point for bulk quantities of illegal drugs. Like many other states, Mississippi is experiencing an increase in methamphetamine use and abuse, which poses a challenge for law enforcement.

Cocaine is a drug distributed and abused in Mississippi in large quantities. Heroin is not, at the moment, a problem drug in the state. Heroin in Mississippi has been seized on the highways en route to cities like Chicago or Atlanta.

Methamphetamine has experienced a marked increase in manufacture, importation, use and addiction in Mississippi. Laboratories use anhydrous ammonia and ephedrine to make supplies of the drug. These laboratories are common, especially in rural areas of the state.

Ecstasy is the most popular club drug in Mississippi. It is most often used by middle to upper-middle class teenagers and college students at parties and in nightclubs. Marijuana is prevalent throughout the state.

For Immediate Help Call
(601) 724-3178
24 hours a day

For more information on drug rehab programs in Mississippi contact,

The Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Department of Mental Health,

Robert E. Lee Office Building, 11th Floor, 239 North Lamar Street,
Jackson, Mississippi,

Alcoholics Anonymous

Cleveland 662-846-1132
Greenville 662-332-5645
Gulfport 228-392-6662
Jackson 601-982-0081
South Haven 662-844-0374
Vicksburg 601-636-1134

Narcotics Anonymous

Gulfport 866-637-8475
Clarksdale 866-637-6860
Jackson 601-949-9499

Call  (601) 724-3178


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