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Cocaine, heroin and marijuana are the drugs of choice in Michigan. The level of use and availability of heroin fluctuates in Michigan. The problem of cocaine addiction is heaviest in the cities where the supply is stable. The price and purity of cocaine has stayed stable in Michigan over the past several years.

Heroin is easily available throughout the state, especially in Detroit. Large quantities of heroin are brought into Michigan from South America, Mexico and Africa.

Methamphetamine is a big problem in Michigan, with most of the production happening in the rural parts of the state. Club drug use is on the rise in Michigan. Ecstasy (MDMA), GHB and Ketamine (special K) are growing in popularity among teenagers and college students at clubs and rave parties.

Marijuana is the most popular illicit drug throughout the state. The majority of marijuana sold in Michigan comes from Mexico.

For Immediate Help Call
(248) 430-0456
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For more information on drug rehab programs in Michigan contact,

The Michigan Office of Drug Control Policy, Bureau of Substance Abuse & Addiction Services, Department of Community Health,

320 S. Walnut, Lewis Cass Bldg., 5th Floor,
Lansing, Michigan 48913

Alcoholics Anonymous

Ann Arbor 734-482-0707
Caseville 989-550-4980
Detroit 313-921-1778
Grand Rapids 616-913-9149
Midland 989-695-2975
Saginaw 989-776-1241
Traverse City 231-946-8823  

Narcotics Anonymous

Ann Arbor 734-913-9839
Battle Creek 269-969-5106
Muskegon 231-726-6262
Metro-Detroit 248-543-7200
Lansing 517-371-8606

Call  (248) 430-0456


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