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The principal drug of abuse in Maine is marijuana. It is grown locally as well as imported from Canada, Massachusetts and New York. Motorcycle groups have historically controlled much of the marijuana distribution in Maine, and continue to distribute approximately 300 to 500 pounds each month.

Methamphetamine is not yet a problem in the state, but it has the potential for production and distribution. Crack cocaine is growing in popularity in the central and southern parts of Maine. The availability of heroin in increasing in Maine. Heroin abuse is on the rise, particularly among teenagers. The use of heroin is more prevalent in southern Maine, but has spread to remote, rural  parts of the state like coastal Maine and along the Canadian border. Ecstasy is the only club drug that has seen a jump in abuse in southern Maine.


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For more information on drug rehab treatment programs in Maine contact,

The Office of Substance Abuse, Dept. of Health & Human Services,

AMHI Complex, Marquardt Bldg., 3rd Floor, SHS #11,
Augusta, Maine, 04333-0159

Alcoholics Anonymous

Statewide 800-737-6237
Portland 207-774-4335

Narcotics Anonymous

Portland 800-974-0062


Call  (207) 893-6027

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