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In 2005, an estimated 233,000 Kentucky residents had an alcohol abuse problem. An estimated 101,000 people in the state had a drug problem.

Cocaine abuse in Kentucky is widespread. It is easily available in the cities – at bars, clubs, restaurants, homes and on the streets. Heroin use, however, is rare in Kentucky.

Methamphetamine production and use is a huge problem in the state. In Kentucky, methamphetamine use among teenagers is significantly higher in Kentucky (12.7 %) than the national average (9.1%). It is readily accessible on the streets and in clubs and restaurants. In late December, Kentucky considered requiring prescriptions for pseudoephedrine (the ingredient in cough medicines) to try and stop the proliferation of methamphetamine labs across the state.

The availability of ecstasy in Kentucky seems to be on the rise. LSD and GHB availability and use seems to be on the decline.

Marijuana is the number one cash crop in Kentucky. Most of the marijuana is grown on national forest land. Because of its abundance, marijuana is one the most abused drugs in Kentucky.


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