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Downtown Kansas City has one of the largest railroad hubs in the country. This fact makes drugs come into Kansas easily. The majority of drugs enter the state from Mexico and is controlled by the same cartel. The cartel is organized and plays a crucial role in the flow of drugs into Kansas.

Powder and crack cocaine are easily accessible throughout Kansas. The cocaine is smuggled in from Arizona, Texas and California. A large amount of cocaine is transported from Kansas to the Northeastern states.

Mexican black tar and white heroin are in good supply in Kansas. The heroin is distributed in very small amounts (about $10 each). Despite the heroin’s quality and purity, the prices continue to fall. Law enforcement data suggests that heroin use is on the decline in Kansas. The biggest reason for the decline of heroin use is the easy availability of methamphetamine.

Despite a ban on ephedrine and pseudoephedrine (the active ingredient in cough medicine) methamphetamine labs continue to appear throughout Kansas. Locally produced and Mexican methamphetamine are available in all areas of the state. Local labs tend to be small and are either mobile or hidden in remote rural areas.

Club drugs are increasing in use and abuse with college students in Kansas. Clubs and rave parties have abundant amounts of MDMA, LSD, GHB, PCP and ketamine on college campuses.

The shipment and distribution of marijuana is on the rise in Kansas City. Locally produced marijuana is also on the rise. The homegrown marijuana is stronger and more expensive.

Oxycontin is a big problem in Kansas. It is preferred by its users over street drugs such as heroin due to the consistnent purity and quality. Hydrocodone, xanax, valium, Demerol, dilaudid, Lortab, Percocet, Phenobarbitol and Prozac are also abused in Kansas.

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For more information on drug rehab options in Kansas contact,
or contact SRS Health Care Policy/AAPS,
DSOB 10th Floor North, 915 Harrison Street,
Topeka, Kansas, 66612 
or call the hotline at 800-586-3690

Alcoholics Anonymous

Arkansas City 620-442-5880
Gardner 913-884-8082
Kansas City 913-492-9697
Manhattan 785-537-8511
Ulysses 620-356-3003
Wichita 316-684-3661

Narcotics Anonymous

Leavenworth 888-751-6262
Mid-East to SE Kansas 866-802-6262
Kansas City 816-531-2250
Wichita/Augusta  316-775-5701

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