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Indiana has a substantial drug abuse problem. The northern part of the state borders Lake Michigan and this geography allows drugs to enter the state by water transportation. Drugs  also come into the state via the interstate system.

Powder and crack cocaine are easily available in Indiana. It has been linked to a high rate of violent crimes, money laundering and social problems.  Heroin is the drug least available in Indiana, but methamphetamine use and abuse is on the rise in Indiana. Methamphetamine is brought into the state by the drug cartels. To make more money, the methamphetamine is almost always contaminated and not as strong as the locally produced product. Since Indiana prohibited the sale of presynthetic chemicals like ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in cough products. Law enforcement has shut down many methamphetamine labs in Indiana.

The abuse of club drugs is not as big a problem in Indiana as in other states. The majority of users are college students who take the drugs, often without their knowledge, at nightclubs and rave parties.

Abuse of hydrocodone products like Vicodin, Oxycontin and Percocet are rampant in Indiana. Illegal sales and distribution by physicians, “doctor shopping” and forged prescriptions continue to fuel the problem of prescription drug abuse. Xanaz, Valium and methadone are other drugs that are highly abused in Indiana.


For Immediate Help Call
(317) 456-5273
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For more information on state-funded treatment programs in Indiana contact

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction, Family & Social Services Administration,

402 West Washington Street, Room W353, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739,

Alcoholics Anonymous

Anderson 765-644-3212    
Indianapolis 317-632-7864
Bloomington 800-589-8153    
Lafayette 765-742-1666
Fort Wayne 260-471-6262    
South Bend 574-234-7007
Hammond 219-844-6695
Vincennes 812-882-2800

Narcotics Anonymous

Gary/Hammond 219-793-6262
Fort Wayne 260-460-4626
Indianapolis 317-875-5459
South Bend 574-674-1685


Call  (317) 456-5273


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