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Idaho State

Methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine are the biggest drug problems in Idaho. The proximity of the state to Canada has made smuggling common, especially of club drugs and prescription medications. Recent seizures along the Canadian border show that Canada has become a major supplier to the U.S. market. Drug trafficking is not a huge problem in Idaho, but money laundering poses a challenge for the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Cocaine is widely available in Idaho and often converted to crack cocaine before it reaches the streets. Crack cocaine has contributed to gang-related violence, thefts, homicides and prostitution throughout Idaho.  Heroin abuse in Idaho has remained level despite its increase in purity and its low price.

Methamphetamine use and club drug abuse are increasing in Idaho. The majority of club drugs enter the state from Canada, California and New York. Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in Idaho, especially among young people. Illegal distribution by pharmacists, prescription forgery, doctor shopping and drug thefts have contributed to the escalation.

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