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The southeastern United States has been a hub for transportation of illegal drugs. Atlanta has become a center for Mexico-based drug trafficking organizations.

Cocaine is a problem in Georgia. The availability of heroin is stable in Atlanta and throughout the state. The Port of Savannah is an entry point for heroin trafficked from Colombia.

Seizures of methamphetamine in Georgia are on the rise. Imported methamphetamine is controlled by Mexican traffickers. Club drugs like MDMA and GHB are commonly abused in Georgia. Nightclubs in Atlanta have ecstasy in steady supply. In 2007, there were a total of 33,339 arrests in Georgia due to drug and alcohol abuse.

For Immediate Help Call
(404) 585-3638
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For more information on state-funded treatment options in Georgia,
State Drug Program Coordinator,
2 Peachtree Street, Suite 4-550,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
The Addictive Diseases Program, Division of MHDDAD,
Two Peachtree Street, NW, 22nd Floor, Suite 22.394,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303,

Alcoholics Anonymous

Atlanta 404-525-3178
Augusta 706-860-8331
Brunswick 912-265-0892
Columbus 706-327-6078
Savannah 912-354-0993

Narcotics Anonymous

Augusta 706-855-2419
Brunswick 800-334-3322
Savannah 800-334-3322
South Georgia 800-342-3487
Woodbury 800-347-5304


Call  (404) 585-3638


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