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Faith-Based Christian Treatment

Our Faith-based Christian treatment program, Road to Freedom, is a Christian drug rehab program within the broader base of a well established multi-modal treatment center. Faith-based rehab centers are becoming a popular option for those looking for a spiritual solution to the addiction issue. At The Treatment Center, many patients of diverse faith backgrounds choose to participate in our faith based program. The spiritual solution is the focus of groups and counseling sessions. Pastoral counseling is central to the Road to Freedom programs.

A Faith-based Christian treatment center may be the answer when faced with the issue of chronic relapse. A spiritual focus can provide the direction that has been missing in conventional treatment for some patients. Groups are always voluntary and are attended by believers and non-believers alike. We have three pastors on staff and a spiritual care team available to address all spiritual needs. Addiction is a physical, emotional and spiritual problem. Caring for the whole patient must include addressing their spiritual needs. The success of Christian drug rehab is now widely accepted. A faith-based program within the same facility as a dual diagnosis program provides many options for the spiritually minded patient. Depression and anxiety are addressed from both a psychological and a spiritual perspective. Individual and group therapy is a central focus of the program.

Are you or someone you love seeking answers? Faith-based treatment may be for you. Call (877) 392-3342 and start the healing today!

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