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Is treatment really necessary? Our experience shows that drug and alcohol detox alone is not enough.  We want to help you to conquer your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all and start you on the road to solid recovery. Research has shown that the longer someone spends in a drug and alcohol treatment program the more likely they are to achieve lasting recovery. If long-term recovery is your ultimate goal, then drug or alcohol detox is the first step in your walk toward a clean life. Once your body has finished detoxing, the treatment process can begin.

Your Recovery Journey

Imagine living a healthy life free from the drive to use drugs or drink. Your self-esteem is restored, your relationships improve and you experience joy and hope once again.

Just imagine how it will feel to have control over your own life again. Successful drug and alcohol treatment is built on discovering yourself once again. Once you understand addiction and your personal patterns you can move toward health and freedom.

With the help and support of a caring staff of physicians and counselors you will be given the tools to create a brand-new life for yourself.

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We offer a full range drug and alcohol treatment options:

  • drug & alcohol detox
  • residential substance abuse treatment
  • partial hospitalization
  • inpatient drug & alcohol treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
  • dual diagnosis treatment

The work our patients do in drug or alcohol treatment program is some of the most challenging work one can undertake.  The path to personal change is never easy.  But with the support and guidance of the caring professionals at The Treatment Center, our patients and their families find it is transformational.  There is hope for recovery.

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