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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Info

What is Addiction?

Substance abuse treatment center professionals understand that drug addiction is a biological, physiological process. It is a progressive, fatal disease. In order for the disease to be arrested, intervention at a substance abuse treatment center specializing in addiction care may be required.

The process of addiction reflects a progression that begins with the absence of drug or alcohol use and leads, in time, to full dependency on a chemical substance. For an addicted person to reclaim their health, he or she must become and remain abstinent from all drugs and alcohol.

How Does a Substance Abuse Treatment Center Help Someone Who is Addicted?

Most addicted drug users require a substance abuse treatment center to recover from

the disease before it becomes fatal. It is important for them to undergo medical detox first, and learn new behaviors and decision making skills through a professional therapist after they have detoxed in a substance abuse treatment center.

Addiction treatment centers specialize in treating addiction in the same way that certain hospitals specialize in conditions such as cancer or heart disease. In order for an addicted person to regain his or her health, doctors recommend a full in-patient residency in a substance abuse treatment center.

Our addiction treatment center incorporates comprehensive, cutting edge medical and therapeutic practices. We treat each individual with compassion and dignity. The doctors, nurses and therapists in our substance abuse treatment center offer addicted persons the opportunity to regain their lives through medical detox, strategic life skills, and goal oriented behavior modification therapy.

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