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The most popular drugs in Delaware are crack cocaine, heroin, MDMA and marijuana. These drugs are heavily abused and trafficked throughout the state. MDMA is the most abused drug in Delaware and is popular with college and high school students. Prescription drugs have become a problem in suburbs and metropolitan areas.

Delaware’s location has meant that the state’s geography plays a role in the trafficking of drugs into major cities along the I-95 corridor. Drugs are smuggled into Delaware from New York City, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Recent seizures along the state’s highways indicate that large shipments of illicit drugs are transported hidden in cars and trucks.

Cocaine, methamphetamine, club drugs, marijuana and prescription drugs pose the biggest problem and competition for state resources in Delaware.


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For more information on drug rehab treatment programs in Delaware,
The Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health,

Alcoholics Anonymous

Dover 302-736-1567
Ocean View 302-856-6452
Wilmington 302-655-5999

Narcotics Anonymous



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