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Couples' Drug Therapy


If you and your partner abuse drugs together, you are not alone. It is common for individuals who abuse substances to make friends with, date or marry individuals who also abuse drugs. 

We understand that you may currently be hurting. However, like the many couples we’ve treated in the past, you and your partner can find relief at The Treatment Center. We can help you discover a new life without drugs or alcohol interfering with the health and happiness of your relationship. 

Are you ready to make a positive change in the life of you and your loved one? Call us today at (877) 392-3342 to find out how substance abuse treatment can help. Our admissions counselors are available to speak with you 24/7.

About The Treatment Center

Drug abuse undoubtedly affects every area of life, from the emotional to the financial and spiritual. That is why The Treatment Center works diligently to provide comprehensive treatment to individuals who are stuck in the cycle of addiction. 

Our licensed drug rehab provides unmatched care to individuals and couples who are addicted to drugs. The Joint Commission has awarded us the Gold Seal of Approval for our staff’s dedication to high quality care and our adherence to industry standards.

How Can Treatment Help My Partner and Me?

One of the many unfortunate consequences of drug abuse and addiction is the breakdown of relationships. If both you and your partner abuse substances, it is likely that obligations to your family or to each other have taken a back seat, which can lead to resentment and hostility toward one another.

By entering treatment, you and your loved one can overcome addiction and become better partners. Depending on your specific recovery needs, our individualized treatment plans may include the following therapies, services and programs:

• Medically safe drug detox

• Evidence-based individual therapy

• Couples’ drug therapy sessions

• Group counseling

• Treatment for co-occurring disorders (i.e. substance abuse and mental illness)

• 12-step programs

• Religious and spiritual treatment programs

• Relapse prevention

• Court Liaison Program

• Alternative chronic pain therapies (e.g. massage therapy and acupuncture)

• Family workshops

• Aftercare services

Are you and your significant other ready to start over by getting the individualized treatment you deserve? Contact us 24/7 at (877) 392-3342 to ask any questions you may have regarding our treatment plans. Our admissions counselors will happily provide answers.

Are Drugs Hurting My Relationship?

At first, sharing the experience of doing drugs together may have felt like it brought you and your significant other closer. However, negative consequences will surely arise with prolonged use.

You and your partner may think your drug use is under control, but answering the following questions may reveal a different truth. 

These questions can help you decide if drugs are coming between you and your loved one:

1) Do you and your partner frequently argue when under the influence?

2) Do you use shared money to purchase drugs without your partner’s consent?

3) Does it feel like you, your significant other or both have to be high in order to be mentally or physically intimate?

4) Do you defend your or your partner’s drug use to others?

5) Outside of using drugs, do you have trouble finding other activities to enjoy as a couple?

6) Do you isolate yourselves from friends and family members to hide your drug use from them?

7) Do you or your partner often fail to take care of responsibilities because of time spent using or recovering from drugs?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, your relationship may be in trouble. Continued substance abuse can lead to a number of other problems in your relationship and personal life, including addiction, domestic violence and legal issues.

Whether you and your spouse or significant other abuse drugs or have become addicted to them, couples’ drug therapy can help. 

A Life-changing Decision

You and your partner don’t have to overcome drug abuse on your own. Quitting on your own can lead to brief periods of sobriety followed by disappointing relapses. That is because removing drugs from the equation only addresses one part of the problem. 

With the help of our comprehensive treatment plans, including couples’ drug therapy, you can conquer the mental, physical and spiritual symptoms of substance abuse. 

Make a life-changing decision and call our knowledgeable admissions counselors today at (877) 392-3342. Take the first step toward building a better life for you and your significant other.

The Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.