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Couple’s Drug Treatment

Drug abuse can be defined in various ways. However, the term drug abuse usually refers to the overuse of medically-prescribed medications or the use of illegal drugs. Some symptoms of addiction are financial breakdown, shattered relationships and neglect of children. It is apparent that drug abuse affects every area of life from the emotional and relational to the financial and spiritual. The effects of drug abuse are so damaging that new methods of therapy are constantly being developed in hopes of finding a solution to the scourge of drug addiction.

Current statistics indicate that approximately 420 out of every 100, 000 inhabitants in the US are drug dependent. This fact has serious consequences for society. One of those consequences is the breakdown of the family. It is evident that the effects of drug abuse in a couple’s relationship are pervasive. A drug-dependent spouse will become incapable of fulfilling household and relational duties. Consequently, this places more burden and stress on the non-abusive partner. The initial response in this scenario is overcompensation by the non-using partner. Eventually, the partner gets exhausted and refuses to keep taking up the slack. Hostile and negative communication ensues. The hostility will slowly fade the warmth of the relationship. With this ongoing discord, marital dissatisfaction increases. People who abuse drugs are four times more likely to get a divorce than non-using individuals.

A harsher, but equally common scenario, is that of drug abuse as the cause of domestic violence. When a person is intoxicated, they are far more likely to become perpetrators of domestic violence or physical abuse. In the US, the United States Department of Justice has indicated that approximately 61% of all domestic violence incidents are connected with substance abuse. Non-addicted partners tend to develop fear of the spouse. Anger toward the abuser continues to build, regardless of the cause of the behavior.

Of ten, brief periods of sobriety are achieved only to be followed by disappointing relapse. The hopes and promises of a newly sober life are one again ruined. Resentment of the addiction and the addict begins to build. Before steps are taken toward divorce, new methods of drug addiction treatment should be investigated.

One promising new therapy is Couple’s Drug Treatment . It has been hailed as, “one of the most outstanding current advances in the areas of psychotherapy of substance abuse.” This counseling method is currently the strongest in terms of research breakthroughs for its proficiency in controlling substance abuse.

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