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Couple's Alcohol Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a cornerstone of therapeutic treatment for addiction. Couples alcohol treatment is an excellent example of successful behavioral therapy. In1974, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism praised couples therapy and family therapy for outstanding advances in the treatment of addiction. Couples therapy has proven to be the most effective method of treating substance abuse in the family therapy setting. In behavioral therapy, the individual seeking help takes an active role. In couples alcohol treatment, there is an great opportunity for a successful outcome using the support of the involved partner. As both partners behaviors are intertwined, there is an interaction in their personalities, moods, anxieties, and substance abuse issues. As a result, addiction treatment is more successful when addicted couples support one another during recovery.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on solving dysfunctional behaviors, thought processes and emotions utilizing a systematic, goal-oriented process. Much empirical evidence exists that supports the effectiveness of CBT in treating a variety of disorders. Couples alcohol treatment has shown impressive results using this technique-driven approach. Success comes from using the strong connection between the partners to encourage certain behaviors through positive reinforcement. It has been shown that both men and women achieve meaningful recovery using this technique of mutual support, although there are somewhat higher success rates for women. Couples alcohol treatment also addresses the life changes that will occur for both partners as a result of CBT. Strategies for continuing positive reinforcement are developed that anchor the relationship in corrective replacement behaviors. The couple then has the tools needed for a healthy relationship.

There is far more to a successful outcome in substance abuse treatment than simply ending the cycle of addiction. It must be recognized that there are behaviors that existed before and will continue to exist after active addiction that will need to be addressed. These behaviors have an impact on the couple’s interaction that can lead to relapse if no change occurs. In couples alcohol treatment, this change is crucial to avoid slipping back into the addiction cycle for the emotional release that drugs and alcohol provide. Unfortunately, the alcohol merely masks the difficulties temporarily. Couples alcohol treatment allows these necessary changes to occur in a safe environment.

In addition, both partners are encouraged to become engaged in support programs to facilitate their individual recovery. There they learn about challenges that are commonly faced by couples. Al-Anon is a very supportive program that has existed for 60 years. It encourages fellowship among relatives and friends of the alcoholic. Through sharing experiences, members receive strength, support and information necessary for recovery.

Couples alcohol treatment is often the key to the recovery of the addict. It takes into account the dynamics of all of the relationships affected by the addiction. As a result, life partners and family members can enjoy the recovery of the addict, while learning new skills that strengthen the family relationship. Successful treatment results in a stronger bond which honors the original love and devotion that brought the partners together.

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