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In Colorado, many illicit drugs are a problem. Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and “club drugs” like ketamine and ecstasy are widely available. Marijuana, however, is the most abused drug in the state. Eighty percent of prisoners in the system in Colorado have substance abuse problems.

A steady supply of cocaine comes into Colorado from Mexico. Crack is a significant problem in the metropolitan areas of the state. The strength of Mexican methamphetamine has recently risen to levels equal to the methamphetamine made in smaller labs. These ‘secret labs’ create public safety, health and environmental problems.

For Immediate Help Call
(303) 658-9960
24 hours a day


For more information on Drug rehab treatment programs in Colorado contact

The state Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Department of Human Services at 303-866-7480

Colorado Department of Human Services

1575 Sherman St., Denver, CO 80203
Tel: 303.866.5700
Fax: 303.866.4047

Alcoholics Anonymous

Aspen 970-928-0499
Boulder 303-447-8201
Colorado Springs 719-573-5020
Denver 303-322-4440
Pueblo 719-546-1173
Vail 970-476-0572

Narcotics Anonymous

Boulder 303-412-2884
Colorado Springs 719-637-1580
Denver 303-832-3784
Western Mountains  800-912-4597


Call  (303) 658-9960


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